Pages from Albert Einstein’s Notebook.

Although I’m not graphologist, I find individual handwriting very interesting.

Synonymous to an artist’s sketchbook, a scientist expresses their thoughts into their notebook which overflows with creativity and innovation.


Some of Ann Veronica Janssens‘ work is clearly and singularly about color. For a number of her installations, Janssens’ uses a color film that transforms the light shining through it. She then fills the space with an artificial fog which seems to glow with color. The fog acts as a vehicle to carry the light and spread it into the air of the space; a way to experience color and only color. There is no depth, texture, or line but just color and its saturation. The installations create a dreamy atmosphere when any medium between color and the eye seems to disappear.


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Coordination Asia, a Shanghai-based architecture firm known for creating visually robust environments, completed a new breed of telecom stores named AER for AISIDI, one of China’s leading resellers for mobile and digital products and services.